For your well-being

Tips for Members

  1. At BonVie we are passionate about YOU!  Which is why everyone is eligible for membership with us.  We pride ourselves on finding the best solutions for the widest range of people, because to us, good health is a privilege that everyone should share.
  2.  Your medical history provides crucial information for us.  We are always growing and evolving, and finding new solutions for our members.  Your medical history provides us with a base around which we can build future plans.  Help us by being part of the process.  At BonVie, we don’t believe in standing still!
  3. At BonVie, we celebrate individuality and uniqueness.  Which is why we understand that not everyone can have perfect handwriting!  Please complete all application forms using capital letters so we don’t misread what you are trying to tell us.  After all, we’re also not perfect!
  4. You can download membership application forms or email us on
  5.  You can download claim forms here too!
  6. And if you have any other questions, problems or suggestions, please don’t forget that we love to talk!  Please contact us!