For your well-being


Annual Cover per Student Annual Limit            USD $10,000
Emergency Medical expenses in Hospital


In-Hospital –  surgeries, specialist consultations, laboratory tests and X-rays and therapy, done at municipal clinics, government and mission hospitals are all covered in full.


Emergency Casualty& G.P consultations


Emergency casualty treatment done at any municipal, government and mission hospitals is covered in full. 6 visits per annum
Medical Specialists (Government and municipal institutions only) 6 visits per annum
Evacuation by Ambulance


Evacuation by road to a nearby selected health centre by Municipal, Mission and Government Hospital ambulances country wide.


Prescribed Drugs Limit

(No O.T.C covered)


Chronic Drugs Limit





Optical Cover (Consultations, frames and lenses) US$100 at Council for the Blind facilities and Government centres only.
Dental Treatment (Government and municipal institutions only) US$260 for tooth extractions and filling.


Pathology (Government and municipal institutions only) US$300 per annum
Radiology (Government and municipal institutions only) US$500 per annum
Prosthesis (Government and municipal institutions only) US$300
Rehab and Physiotherapy (Government and municipal institutions only) 10 visits
Psychiatric treatment (Government and municipal institutions only) US$300
Funeral Cash Benefit US$300
Maternity Covered at Government, Mission Hospitals and Municipal Clinics to a limit of US$300 per annum


Haemodialysis and Chemotherapy Covered at Government, Mission Hospitals and Municipal Clinics
Preventative Benefit (Government and municipal institutions only) One free annual wellness check-up
Contributions US$25.00/ semester and including subsequent vacation
Waiting Periods 6 months applicable on Dental and Optical Cover

9 months waiting periods

12 months Haemodialysis

12 months Chemotherapy