Good health is a privilege that we believe everyone should share in, and at BonVie, we pride ourselves on creating flexible solutions to suit every pocket.   

Our products are the result of many years of research and design, and are constantly evolving, because where your health is concerned, we don’t believe in standing still!

The Classic Plan, our flagship product, runs on a risk pooling concept where members cross-subsidise each other.  The Classic Plan offers:

  • Multi-level options to cater for top executives right down to shop floor employees.  See the options here
  • A tiered structure of benefits with corresponding contributions.
  • Cover both locally and beyond our borders.

This is an ideal option for firms that employ a lot of people and are able to set apart a medical fund of their own to finance the health needs of their employees.

  • The member firm provides the medical fund.
  • BonVie provides membership administration.
  • BonVie adjudicates claims on behalf of the member firm.
  • There is a negotiable option for BonVie to share the risk, and this can be discussed according to the specific risk profile of the account.

At BonVie, we are very proud of our latest product, designed specifically for those who cannot afford classic medical aid plans, because we believe that everyone has the right to good health.  MedAccess has grown rapidly since its inception, and currently has over 15 000 registered members.

  • MedAccess targets the previously exposed, vulnerable and uninsured,
  • It is affordable and therefore a great solution for those in the informal sector who need medical aid but cannot afford the classic schemes.
  • It is open to individuals, families and corporates.


We love to travel (because we don’t like to stand still), so why not take us with you!  BonVie Medical Aid Scheme offers medical travel cover when you are outside Zimbabwe.  This product is also available to students studying outside the country.


At BonVie, we are passionate about YOU!  So your children are important to us, and we have designed a product that caters specifically for students studying within the borders of Zimbabwe.  No matter where your children may be studying in the country, you can relax in the knowledge that we have them covered!

The Student’s Plan offers:

  • Evacuation
  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment
  • Generous annual cover adequate to cover students during the year
  • Medical cover for all students ranging from pre-school to university levels.

BonVie…for your well being.